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We talk about fashion?

Gstudio mention, is to highlight a company dedicated to the wholesale women's clothing; known for its delicate urban and modern style, according to the trends of the major fashion capitals, offering a contemporary and bold style without renouncing to Romanticism; a passionate woman. The result ?, inspiring garments, where all l versatility of our offer, take forms and interpretations, to make the best impression.

Thanks to extensive experience in the textile sector, gstudio, we know what you need and we offer design lines, where not only aesthetic but a careful process of making and labor, they realize the dreams of our customers.

Our company, rather than wholesale women's clothing, is a full team of professionals passionate about continually reinvent itself. With this premise, we are always in search of trends that mark the style of women, provide not only a garment but endow its own personality to the final result.

With factories in Shanghai and Florence, we own five brands are: Love & Money, SENSE, Vera Jo, So Sweet and AME, in addition to our main office and showroom in Madrid; It makes us a safe bet in the world of fashion!

Welcome to gstudio.